Bresson on Bresson: Interviews, 1943–1983
edited by Mylene Bresson

New York Review Book, 2016; 304 pp
Reviewed by Charlie Riccardelli


Bresson on Bresson: Interviews shows that the famed French filmmaker Robert Bresson took the same minimalist approach to discussing his art just as he labored to create sparely made films throughout his career. Spanning from the days of his more conventional early works and concluding with his final film L’Argent, the interviews trace the evolution of the filmmaker first inspired by his work as a painter and showing his development over time. The interviews, including conversations with Jean-Luc Godard, trace the development of different projects, Bresson’s thoughts on nonprofessional performers, and the way in which he struck down any easy insights into his work. His matter-of-fact approach to his philosophies cuts right to the heart of his work and spares readers of any grandiose flourishes a less thoughtful artist might indulge. Above all Bresson on Bresson will make any reader want to revisit the director’s great works.