Frozen Fairy Tales edited by Kate Wolford
World Weaver Press, 2015; 225 pp
Reviewed by Juliana Amir


Kate Wolford has stitched together a stunning collection of icy fairytales that represents the imaginations of fifteen authors. There is a chilly thread coursing through as boundaries of culture fade while Winter’s, and even Death’s, presence come to life.

With glistening prose that manifests a strong sense of setting, this book is full of frozen treasures. There are stories of kings, and witches, and young girls surrounded by an unforgiving environment. Some stories are wildly fantastical, but on a personal level, I found the strongest in the collection were those that world built quietly.

“She wore her kimono; but no shoes. They would be needed by the younger ones. The first touch of snow was sharp like glass . . . Staggering, she put a hand out to the cherry tree . . . but her fingers glimpsed a hint of warmth beneath their tips, as if the tree had sympathy . . . ”

With winter approaching, this anthology offers sparkling and bone-chilling adventures to remind us that there is more to the season than drear and coats. Ordinary winter from our world is transformed and made mystical once more.