Issue 18 :: July 1st


Chord by Rick Barot reviewed by Wesley Rothman

Confidence by Seth Landman reviewed by Ezekiel Black

Dear Herculine by Aaron Apps reviewed by Carleen Tibbetts

The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow reviewed by Juliana Amir

Intersex by Aaron Apps reviewed by Carleen Tibbetts

Lucky Alan: And Other Stories by Jonathan Lethem reviewed by Jack Hill

The Moon Before Morning by W.S. Merwin reviewed by Vladislav Frederick

The Most Human Human Contest by Carlo Matos reviewed by Kristina Marie Darling

Mr. West by Sarah Blake reviewed by JoAnna Novak

Perfidia By James Ellroy reviewed by Jordan Williams

Reptile House by Robin McLean reviewed by Megan Turner

Think Tank by Julie Carr reviewed by Laurie Saurborn

Witchita Stories by Troy James Weaver reviewed by Kayla Rae Whitaker

The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion by Jason Bailey reviewed by Charlie Riccardelli

Vincent by Joseph Fasano reviewed by Michael Levan

Void and Compensation by Michael Morse reviewed by Davy Knittle

Young Woman in a Garden by Delia Sherman reviewed by Juliana Amir




Interview with Colin Winnette curated by Zach VandeZande

Interview with Dan Rosenberg curated by Lauren Haldeman

Interview with Jenny Sadre-Orafai & Komal Mathew curated by Kallie Falandays

Interview with Joseph Fasano curated by Lois P. Jones

Interview with Liz Mehl curated by Robert Torres

Interview with Lucas Mann curated by Clinton Crockett Peters

Interview with Stuart Dybek curated by Danielle Susi

Interview with Todd Swift curated by Melissa Studdard