Rise in the Fall by Ana Božičević
Birds LLC., 2013; 80 pp
Reviewed by Robert Torres


Brazen and raunchy, Ana Božičević's Rise in the Fall, illustrated by Bianca Stone, charges straight off of the page line by line with visceral imagery and a surrealist's disregard for continuity.

I'm older. I'm waiting to care less.
Cheat on my kids
with dead people.

opens "About Mayakovsky." Božičević has an audacity too often lacking in American poets: to stare death in the face and laugh about it, wearing absurdist flippancy around her neck like a live boa.

I love death now,
the way I used to love rollercoasters

she says in "Paris Pride Parade." In "War on a Lunchbreak," Božičević combines absurdism with a forceful sexuality Sexton could only dream of:

encore, cock your boot, show us your boobs!
I'm so fucking tired of the sound of "sexy"
of me being sexy, muse-body
with ship-launch face

Božičević exists. Not a single line in Rise in the Fall allows the reader to forget this.